Friday, July 6, 2007

Just call me... COLONEL MUSTARD!

Well, Jaren is two weeks old today and he's doing really well. Yesterday he had his two week checkup and the doctor says that he looks just perfect! It's so fun to see him smiling in his sleep!

Ed was changing Jaren's diaper and he said that Jaren has "mustard poops". So we now lovingly refer to him as, "Colonel Mustard"!!! (Which we thought was quite hilarious!)

Oliver and Eden love to hold him and feed him. Oliver was feeding him the other day and was trying to burp him when all of the sudden Ollie says, "Oooowww! My chest hair!". Evidentally Jaren was clawing Ollie's skin on his chest! (Jaren is always tugging away at Daddy's chest hair, so Ollie thinks he has some too!) I need to cut that kid's nails!

We are so excited for next week because most of Ed's family will be visiting from all over; Texas, Utah, California and Hungary! We wish everyone could be here for this reunion! We will get to meet two of our nieces for the first time ever! Oliver's 6th birthday is the 11th and he will have some cousins there to celebrate with! The kids are so eager to play with their cousins, that's for sure! Lydia (our 3 month old niece who lives about 5 minutes away) and Jaren will both have their baby blessings at church on July 15th. It will be wonderful to have so many relatives there. I'm sure we'll all have a blast!


Garran, Meg and two cute BOYS! said...

Hey I am glad to hear that you guys are doing so well. I am really glad to hear that Jaren is also doing so well. Vacation is going well but oh do I have some stories to tell you.

Garran, Meg and two cute BOYS! said...

That is so funny about mustard butt. I know how that goes. Hey I just wanted to tell you there is a chance we might not be there on Sunday. We have had some stuff come up on vacation. Long Story.. I will fill you in later. Anyways hopefully we will make it but if not know we are thinking about you. Hopefully you guys are having a great time with all your family.