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38 Week OB Appointment & Phineas Edward Palmer

TUESDAY, December 1, 2009 - This morning at 9:20 I had my very last OB appointment with Dr. Susan Wing. I measured a 3-4 and was still only about 50% thinned. She said she had stripped my membranes and that the baby could come any time from then on. I fully expected that he would stay where he was until he was 'kicked out' on the 8th, his 'eviction day', but he decided that he would shock us all and come when HE wanted to.

WEDNESDAY, December 2, 2009 - I didn't get to sleep until after Ed got home from working 2nd shift at 4:30 am. At around 8 am I woke up and realized that I had some serious pressure when I walked to the bathroom. I sat down and felt the contractions starting. The plug had finally come out and I knew then that it was the real thing. I called my OB and got the answering service, and was then transferred to the OB nurses at the hospital. They said to time my contractions and call back if I was coming in. We did, and they were ALREADY less than 2 minutes apart and very strong. We called back and were on our way. I must say that I was in a lot of pain and just remember praying that Ed would get to the hospital as quickly as possible. It was a blur getting out of the car and up to the maternity ward, I seriously remember very few things! I remember that it was extremely painful to get out of the car, that I got halfway into my gown and then I was checked and they told me that I was already dialated to an 8!!! I asked if it was too late for an epidural and the nurse said not if we hurried. YEEAAAHHH... no epidural... he was coming too quickly!!!

I can't even remember getting into the bed at all or anything that Ed said to me. I remember that I had a cold washcloth on my forehead and would periodically rub it on my face and neck to cool down. I was just in such pain and was trying to breathe through it, but it was so much worse than any of my other labors. There were several nurses there trying to calm me down by reminding me to take long deep breaths and try to take it easy. I felt like I was going to break in half. I vaguely remember them putting an oxygen mask on me and telling me it was for the baby as well as for myself. I also vaguely remember grabbing onto Ed's hand and holding it while I was breathing. I kept having the urge to push and they'd tell me not too, but it was just coming on its own.

Oh... the pain was so intense!!! I do not handle pain well and was so scared when I knew that I would have to give birth this time without an epidural. They were rushing around the room trying to get things ready for this kiddo and waiting for the doctor on call to come, but HE was not going to wait. I finally said that I have to push and I felt tons more pressure. I didn't push many more times and his head was out. The frustrating thing was that I never knew when my contractions were, because I was in so much pain it was like one constant contraction. No one was telling me when to push so I just decided to push and stop, etc. It took a few pushes and the rest of his body was out.

He was born at 9:05 am about 20 - 25 minutes after we had arrived in the hospital room! He weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz. and was 20 3/4 inches long. I still can't believe how stinkin' fast he came! I'm still in shock a day later! Although it was intensely painful, I know I was blessed to have had such a quick delivery!!! I was also blessed to have gone into labor when Ed was home to bring me to the hospital and to be with me. I was worried since he'd started 2nd shift that I'd go into labor when he was working. It was interesting because I had started to feel different earlier that night when I was at my friend, Meghan's house. As I was driving home, I had thought about turning around to go back to her house and sleep on her couch because I just felt like I was in the beginning stages of labor. I'm still in shock that he came and seriously... almost 2 weeks early. Crazy!

I called my mom at work and told them that it was important so if they could page her at work that would be great. I guess she was in an assembly, but they paged her. She started tearing up on the phone and said she was sad that she was only there for one of my children's births (Oliver). I just told her that he came sooooooo quickly that I couldn't call as I was in so much pain. It happened sooooo suddenly! She came up on her lunch break so she could see little Finn. My step-mom, Ellen, was visiting her niece a few doors down and stopped by to see us as well. It was a nice surprise. Meghan Gillespie also came up and took lots of pictures for us as well as Meghan Horan, her little girl, Bella and my friend, Jenelle Shamrell. Later on, Grandma and Grandpa Palmer came up as well. We called a few other people... I'm so bad when it comes to calling people. We just were not ready at all! I seriously did not think he would be coming on his own!!! I didn't have a thing packed! Good thing I always carry my camera in my purse with me!

The sad thing is that the other kiddos couldn't come up to see Finn because they were sick, especially Ollie and Jaren. We had lots of visitors come and see us though, which was nice.

*Visitors to the hospital:

Grandma Young

Grandma Boardsen

Meghan Gillespie (and Kael)

Lindsey Eibey (She had her baby boy, Camden, on the SAME day and was two doors down!!!)

Meghan Horan (and Bella)

Jenelle Shamrell

Grandma & Grandpa Palmer

Uncle Chad

Reggie Esplin (and Eliza) & Malissa Pedersen

Chris Oesterle

THURSDAY, December 3rd, 2009 - Today I woke up with a sore throat, congestion and had a fever of 100 degrees. So... now I'm on antibiotics. My rapid strep test came back negative, so it may just be a bad cold, who knows. They wanted to rule out uterine infection and they did so that's good. I just feel like crap. So... my cramps are still horrible today and they keep saying that with every child the cramps get worse and worse. I honestly don't remember them being anywhere NEAR as bad as they are now. Holy cow!!! Lots of meds (that don't do much) and lots of hot, hot baths is pretty much all I can do for it.

Phineas was circumsized today. When the nurse came in and checked him out, he had bled so much. I was kind of worried because it looked horrible and there was a huge blood clot. The nurse actually got another nurse to come in and check him as well. I hope that it doesn't get any worse! Poor little man!

Reggie, Eliza and Malissa came to visit today as well as Meghan Gillespie. Grandma Young came up today with my brother, Chad and Grandpa Palmer came up to give Finn and myself a blessing. Lots of visitors!

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