Sunday, February 16, 2014

38 Week OB Appointment & Phineas Edward Palmer

TUESDAY, December 1, 2009 - This morning at 9:20 I had my very last OB appointment with Dr. Susan Wing. I measured a 3-4 and was still only about 50% thinned. She said she had stripped my membranes and that the baby could come any time from then on. I fully expected that he would stay where he was until he was 'kicked out' on the 8th, his 'eviction day', but he decided that he would shock us all and come when HE wanted to.

WEDNESDAY, December 2, 2009 - I didn't get to sleep until after Ed got home from working 2nd shift at 4:30 am. At around 8 am I woke up and realized that I had some serious pressure when I walked to the bathroom. I sat down and felt the contractions starting. The plug had finally come out and I knew then that it was the real thing. I called my OB and got the answering service, and was then transferred to the OB nurses at the hospital. They said to time my contractions and call back if I was coming in. We did, and they were ALREADY less than 2 minutes apart and very strong. We called back and were on our way. I must say that I was in a lot of pain and just remember praying that Ed would get to the hospital as quickly as possible. It was a blur getting out of the car and up to the maternity ward, I seriously remember very few things! I remember that it was extremely painful to get out of the car, that I got halfway into my gown and then I was checked and they told me that I was already dialated to an 8!!! I asked if it was too late for an epidural and the nurse said not if we hurried. YEEAAAHHH... no epidural... he was coming too quickly!!!

I can't even remember getting into the bed at all or anything that Ed said to me. I remember that I had a cold washcloth on my forehead and would periodically rub it on my face and neck to cool down. I was just in such pain and was trying to breathe through it, but it was so much worse than any of my other labors. There were several nurses there trying to calm me down by reminding me to take long deep breaths and try to take it easy. I felt like I was going to break in half. I vaguely remember them putting an oxygen mask on me and telling me it was for the baby as well as for myself. I also vaguely remember grabbing onto Ed's hand and holding it while I was breathing. I kept having the urge to push and they'd tell me not too, but it was just coming on its own.

Oh... the pain was so intense!!! I do not handle pain well and was so scared when I knew that I would have to give birth this time without an epidural. They were rushing around the room trying to get things ready for this kiddo and waiting for the doctor on call to come, but HE was not going to wait. I finally said that I have to push and I felt tons more pressure. I didn't push many more times and his head was out. The frustrating thing was that I never knew when my contractions were, because I was in so much pain it was like one constant contraction. No one was telling me when to push so I just decided to push and stop, etc. It took a few pushes and the rest of his body was out.

He was born at 9:05 am about 20 - 25 minutes after we had arrived in the hospital room! He weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz. and was 20 3/4 inches long. I still can't believe how stinkin' fast he came! I'm still in shock a day later! Although it was intensely painful, I know I was blessed to have had such a quick delivery!!! I was also blessed to have gone into labor when Ed was home to bring me to the hospital and to be with me. I was worried since he'd started 2nd shift that I'd go into labor when he was working. It was interesting because I had started to feel different earlier that night when I was at my friend, Meghan's house. As I was driving home, I had thought about turning around to go back to her house and sleep on her couch because I just felt like I was in the beginning stages of labor. I'm still in shock that he came and seriously... almost 2 weeks early. Crazy!

I called my mom at work and told them that it was important so if they could page her at work that would be great. I guess she was in an assembly, but they paged her. She started tearing up on the phone and said she was sad that she was only there for one of my children's births (Oliver). I just told her that he came sooooooo quickly that I couldn't call as I was in so much pain. It happened sooooo suddenly! She came up on her lunch break so she could see little Finn. My step-mom, Ellen, was visiting her niece a few doors down and stopped by to see us as well. It was a nice surprise. Meghan Gillespie also came up and took lots of pictures for us as well as Meghan Horan, her little girl, Bella and my friend, Jenelle Shamrell. Later on, Grandma and Grandpa Palmer came up as well. We called a few other people... I'm so bad when it comes to calling people. We just were not ready at all! I seriously did not think he would be coming on his own!!! I didn't have a thing packed! Good thing I always carry my camera in my purse with me!

The sad thing is that the other kiddos couldn't come up to see Finn because they were sick, especially Ollie and Jaren. We had lots of visitors come and see us though, which was nice.

*Visitors to the hospital:

Grandma Young

Grandma Boardsen

Meghan Gillespie (and Kael)

Lindsey Eibey (She had her baby boy, Camden, on the SAME day and was two doors down!!!)

Meghan Horan (and Bella)

Jenelle Shamrell

Grandma & Grandpa Palmer

Uncle Chad

Reggie Esplin (and Eliza) & Malissa Pedersen

Chris Oesterle

THURSDAY, December 3rd, 2009 - Today I woke up with a sore throat, congestion and had a fever of 100 degrees. So... now I'm on antibiotics. My rapid strep test came back negative, so it may just be a bad cold, who knows. They wanted to rule out uterine infection and they did so that's good. I just feel like crap. So... my cramps are still horrible today and they keep saying that with every child the cramps get worse and worse. I honestly don't remember them being anywhere NEAR as bad as they are now. Holy cow!!! Lots of meds (that don't do much) and lots of hot, hot baths is pretty much all I can do for it.

Phineas was circumsized today. When the nurse came in and checked him out, he had bled so much. I was kind of worried because it looked horrible and there was a huge blood clot. The nurse actually got another nurse to come in and check him as well. I hope that it doesn't get any worse! Poor little man!

Reggie, Eliza and Malissa came to visit today as well as Meghan Gillespie. Grandma Young came up today with my brother, Chad and Grandpa Palmer came up to give Finn and myself a blessing. Lots of visitors!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Nutcracker - Minnesota Ballet

Saturday, November 21, 2009 -

Today I went with Oliver and Eden to see "The Nutcracker" performed by the Minnesota Ballet with the rest of the cub scouts. It was performed at the Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center on the UNI campus. It was FANTASTIC!!! Not only were the dancers great, but the talent that went into the stage decorations and costumes were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I loved the dance of the snowflakes in the woods and where it started to snow. Gorgeous! It was funny because Oliver and Eden both asked, "Where are the words???" I laughed and told them that they were telling the story through music and dance. I think they enjoyed it although they were laughing at some of the dances and the tight leotards that the men were sporting... go figure! HA!

This was on the Gallagher-Bluedorn's website...

"Over the course of the Gallagher-Bluedorn’s 10 years, this performance has become a family tradition. Join us again for the Minnesota Ballet’s perennial favorite, “The Nutcracker.” Joined by many local dancers, the Minnesota Ballet will bring the holiday spirit to life once again with the story of Little Clara, the young girl who received the Nutcracker as a gift, and her enchanted dream of princes and princesses, sugarplums and toy soldiers. Tchaikovsky's romantic score, the colorful scenery, lush period costumes, and skillful ballet performances make “The Nutcracker” a must-see for the holiday season."


Since Ed has been working 2nd shift, we went out on a date during the day and saw the most recent installment of the Twilight Saga, "New Moon". I've been waiting so long to see this movie as I read all four books in less than two weeks last April and loved the storyline! I was surprised to see so many older couples there! My favorite part was when the character, Jacob Black took his shirt off to help Bella mop up some blood on her forehead and there were several gasps and ohs and ahs erupting from the crowd. The funniest thing we heard was from an old lady near the front of the theater saying, "Now what was THAT for?!?" Ed and I were dying laughing! It was definitely well worth seeing! I was glad to get to go with MY FAVORITE Edward... Thanks, Babe!!!

It's Official... I'm Getting Old...

November 18, 2009 - Today I found my very FIRST gray hair. Yeah... AWESOME. It was about 3/4 gray with about an inch of brown left on the tip. It wasn't goin' down THAT EASY!!! Time to dye my hair out of necessity and not just for fun... UGH!!!

Also, today was my friend, Meghan's birthday and I got to spend several hours with her tonight! Thanks for dinner and I hope you had a Happy Birthday!!!

36 Week OB Appointment

Well... we got another ultrasound to see how this baby was growing. They say he's about 6 to 6 1/2 lbs. so far. They could even see that he has hair! She also said that it's 'still a boy'... well that's good!!! HA!!! Everything looked normal and I'm dialated to a 2 and 50% thinned. She said everything is looking good! We are set to be induced on the 8th of December at 8 in the morning. YAY!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

November 12, 2009 - Today Ed and I took my mom out to eat lunch at the Olive Garden for her birthday. We had a fun time!!! Happy Birthday, Mom!!! Hope you had a great day!

Cute boy!

Ed and Jaren
Me and my Bear!!!

Famous Dave's BBQ

I just love Jaren's toothy grin!!


Jaren took this doozie of a pic!!

Papa and Bear

Jaren smacking the bear goodbye!

Painting Pumpkins... Better Late Than Never...

For our Family Home Evening activity we finally painted our pumpkins... post Halloween as I was in the E.R. the day we were going to originally paint them. The kids had a ball... and so did we! I'm glad I have a husband that enjoys doing these fun little things with our kids!!! :O)

Jaren painting his pumpkin AND he still manages to have his hand down his pants... er... diaper in this case. Our little Al Bundy!!! :O)

Eden choosing some paint colors. Sweet smile!

My two lovable dorks... Ollie and Ed!!!

Me, Jare and Edes. Jaren wanted to help me paint MY pumpkin...

LOVE this proud face!!!

Oliver and his ghost pumpkin!

Eden posing with her pumpkin masterpiece!

I don't think Ed was thrilled with his finished product...

My ghost squash and Jack the Pumpkin King!

Crazy kiddos!!!

Couldn't resist posting this sweet picture!

Jaren doing a little table dancing during our judging of the pumpkins...

The lineup...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Recap of 2009- Pains, Pains and More Pains

Soooo... a quick recap of the last year and maybe then people will understand why I've been in such a bad mood this year...

*December 22 - Heel Spur Surgery (after a year of horrible pain I FINALLY got surgery.)*January 3 - Found out I had parathyroid problems (extreme fatigue, wretching, diarrhea, bone pain, etc.)... at Covenant hospital for a week (MANY tests). Transferred to Iowa City for a week (MANY tests). Had two ambulance rides to the hospital this month! Rode to Iowa City twice in an ambulance. All this while recovering from recent foot surgery... on crutches... yeah... awesome.
*January 22 - Parathyroidectomy (aka: surgery on my neck) still in Iowa City... Had the most painful I.V. meds that felt like my veins were on fire... HORRIBLE PAIN!
*January/February - Healing from both surgeries and using a walker because of short term osteoporosis which is actually really painful!
*March/April - Still healing after two surgeries and being sick for 3 years without knowing what was wrong.
*April 10 - Found out I'm pregnant and NO we weren't trying for anyone who really wants to know.
*April - Now: Pregnancy issues... Emotional issues (deal with on a daily basis - Mental Illness and with crazy hormones my regular meds aren't cuttin' the mustard. Anemic = very tired.
*August - Now: Hurt my back (see Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, massage therapist) worse than my regular back pain from the last 10 years. Some days can't walk. Hurts to breathe. No meds take the pain away. Think it's sciatica.
*September - Strep and other nasty seasonal craptasticness... gestational diabetes scare.
*October - After an Endocrine appointment, found out my parathyroid hormone is back up again. Which means I may have to have another surgery... this time with a newborn... what timing!
*October - During an OB appointment... found out I have H1N1. Wouldn't be so bad, but I'm pregnant... not good... and I have two children with chronic asthma... not good.
*October 31st - Horrible vomiting episode in the morning. My face was swollen, glands were HUGE, throat felt like it was closing and extremely painful, felt like my eyeballs were going to pop out of my head. Went to the E.R. found out I had pharyngitis which is an inflammation of the pharynx and extremely contagious. Had I.V. meds and was there for several hours.
*November 1st - Horrible headache and bloody eyeballs resulting from nasty vomiting episode. The eye doctor said what most likely happened was from retching so forcefully causing a spike in my blood pressure thus causing my blood vessels to rupture in my eyes. Sooooo nasty. It took over a month to fully heal.
*November - Pregnancy pains... extreme ligament pain, feeling like the baby will fall out at any moment. Lots of insomnia and back pain.
*December 2nd - Pulled over by cops on my way home from a friend's house resulting in two tickets adding up to $227.00. Just in time for Christmas... BOO! Then... several hours later... having contractions TWO WEEKS EARLY, heading to the hospital, being dialated to an 8 resulting in all natural child birth... OUCH!!! I'm wondering if it was related to stress.
*December 3rd - Recovering from child birth... LOTS of horrible cramping in my abdomen. Woke up with a sore throat, congestion and fever of 100. Great.
*December - Still recovering. I have forgotten how painful recovery from child birth is. I'm happy that this is the last time I will feel this way, but I'm sad that this is my last baby...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Everyday People

Eye Dr. & OB Visits

So... last night I noticed that I popped some blood vessels in my eyes, which FREAKED ME OUT! I don't like the sight of blood... ESPECIALLY in my eyes! So... I went to bed kind of scared and hoped to be able to get in to see a doctor the next day.
9 am - We went to see Dr. Boeke, my optomatrist to rule out anything serious. He checked my eyeballs and my vision and found that things seemed to be okay. I asked him if it was normal to feel that my left eye felt different than my right eye... like there was more pressure in that one. He said that there was more pressure in that one, but not to worry. He told me that the blood vessels probably broke when I was wretching on Saturday morning and my blood pressure most likely spiked, causing them to rupture. He said not to freak out if I see more blood on the white part of my eye as gravity will pull the blood down and then it will turn yellowish as it's healing. I'm so glad to know what to expect so I won't be so freaked out! I seriously was in such a silly mood today! He walked us up to the front desk and said to call him if anything happens. I told him I'd let him know if my eyeballs explode in the meantime!!! He's like... "Let's not go there!" HAHAHA!!! (As Ed and I were laying down for a nap later, Ed was like... "You hardly have any white left on your eye! Don't look in the mirror or you might freak out! It might be how you are laying though." Yeah... I will try not to look in the mirror any time soon! BLECH!!!
10 am - Next stop, my OB's office. I wasn't scheduled this week, but we really needed to find out about what was going on with my glucose levels! Dr. Wing was so great as she explained soooo much to Ed and I. I seriously felt such a weight lifted off of my shoulders after we left! She said that when they check for glucose levels in the urine it's MUCH different than when they test the blood, so it didn't even really compare. Which means that I WAS NOT on the verge of a diabetic coma! *SIGH* She said that the sugar levels can spike when someone is sick, which I am and in pregnant patients because the kidneys often leak causing a spike as well. She's also not concerned because I did pass the second gestational diabetes test within the last month. I failed one of the tests, which you have to fail two in order to be considered to have gestational diabetes. She said that we just need to work on getting me feeling better, eating more protein and whole grains. So glad I went today. I just wanted to come home and sleep. She also prescribed me some anti-nausea meds since I've been feeling so bad for the last couple of days. Also... I'm not sure if I could find a Norman Rockwell painting of an OB office visit... who knows... ;o) hehehe

Sunday, November 1 - The Day After

Like I said in my last post, I woke up at around 1 pm when Ed said that his dad wanted to check my blood glucose level since it was at 500 yesterday in the E.R., verging on diabetic coma... NICE. They tested it today, although I had nothing to eat all day since I was sleeping and it was 89. That's what I'd like to hear. My throat was feeling better, my tooth was feeling better, but my headache was killing me and my eyes were still very sore from vomiting yesterday. Ed and his dad went back to eat lunch with Ed's mom and the kids. I went back to sleep until about 4 o'clock. Ed came back home without the kids, since I'm contagious once more... with something different. UGH! So... another week without the kids.

Tonight after we went to bed, I was missing the kids terribly and I started crying. I couldn't breathe because my nose was congested again so I went into the bathroom, blew my nose, cried some more, blew my nose again and washed my hands. As I was washing my hands, I noticed that my eyes were really bloodshot... I mean like... the white part in the corner of my eye was red. I lifted my eyelid a bit and there was tons of blood. SCARY!!! I told Ed that I think I broke a blood vessel in both my eyes. I was a bit worried. He got out of bed and looked up broken blood vessels in the eye and said that it could just be from rubbing them, crying, coughing hard, pressure, etc. I thought back to how hard I puked yesterday and the feelings I felt in my eyeballs and thought that the crying just made it worse. It may take up to two weeks to go away. Then he read about broken blood vessels due to being diabetic and I had to stop him from reading because it was making me queasy and scared. UGH... I don't know what more I can take. Now I can't cry from stress of being sick and missing my kids for fear of busting up my eyeballs... GREEEAAAT! :O(

Please... be better tomorrow... please.

Saturday, October 31 - Emergency Room Halloween

I had only about two hours of sleep, due to my pregnancy insomnia and other ailments as of late, when I woke up at six am to extreme pain in my tooth! I've had pain in that tooth on and off for the last couple of months and so I figured I'd deal with it AFTER the baby is born. This pain was HORRIBLE! I've never experienced tooth pain this bad in my life! It's the bottom right molar, the last one which is hurting so badly. It was hurting even when my mouth was open, but the pain was severe when I closed my mouth and my teeth met. Holy cow!

I got out of bed and looked up tooth pain and pregnancy to see what it could possibly be and if I could even do anything while I'm 8 months pregnant! From what I saw online, it seems to me that I'll either have to have a root canal or an extraction if it's a fractured tooth. I called my friend a few hours later who happens to be a dental assistant to ask her what it could be and she said the same thing. I called my dentist on the emergency number, but hadn't heard from him today at all. Anyways... I took my hydrocodone (for my back pain), and tried to do anything I could to ease the throbbing pain! Ed got up with me and called around to various dentists offices to see if I could get in anywhere, but since it's Saturday... no one is open. ARGH... why couldn't this happen YESTERDAY?!

Anyways... after a bit, I felt like I was going to puke, and finally at around 11 am, it came. Let me tell you that this was the WORST vomiting experience I've ever had! I've had a sore throat and congestion anyways... but bring on the vomit and holy cow... I thought my head was going to explode. I was seriously scared because I couldn't breathe! I was laying on the couch just heaving into the garbage can while the whole family is looking on! I hadn't had anything to eat yet today, but I just kept heaving and heaving sooooooo forcefully! I couldn't breathe because I got sooooo congested and I couldn't breathe out of my mouth since I was vomiting so I seriously thought I was going to pass out. VERY scary. I felt sooooo much pressure in my eyes and they felt like they were bulging out of my head!!! Afterwards my head was seriously swollen, my glands under my neck were HUGE, my eyes were swollen into slits which felt like they were popping out of my head and they were really itchy! My throat was on fire and felt like it was closing. I still felt like there was a pukeball lodged in my throat, but I couldn't puke anymore. No matter how much water I drank, I couldn't get that feeling to go away. Ed was just staring at me because of how weird my swollen head looked! He said that my eyes looked chinese because they were sooooo swollen. I have to admit that I was really scared because I've never felt this way during or after puking. It lasted for over an hour afterwards!!! I had a horrid headache, my eyes were killing me and my glands were still pretty large and my throat was killing me.

I called my doctor's office and spoke to the triage nurse who didn't seem to be bothered by it. Ed had taken the kids over to his parents to get them out of the house. I was bummed because I had a fun day planned before we went trick-or-treating. My other symptoms felt like they were going away and so I was planning on going out tonight with them since I'd be outside anyways. We were going to paint pumpkins and make caramel apples as a family since we hadn't done anything this year since I've been so sick. Anyways... I posted my symptoms on FACEBOOK and a doctor friend said that I should go to the E.R. I was going to try and go to sleep and see if I felt better afterwards, but after I read that I decided to call Ed and have him take me to the E.R.

We got there and they took some blood and urine. They had to get it by catheter because there would be less bacteria in the urine... OUCH. Come to find out later... they put the wrong label on it, but luckily I could just pee in a cup that time. UGH. So... the doctor came in, we told her the brief version of my medical history and what happened that morning. She looked in my mouth and said that my throat looked horrible and that I most likely had Pharyngitis. I'd never heard of it. Anyways... she hooked me up to an IV, so I wouldn't get dehydrated because that is one of the biggest risks for fetal complications. The IV had antibiotics in it as well. We got there at around 1:30 or 2:00 and didn't get home 'til around 7:30 that night.

Anyways... I laid on the bed for awhile and Ed and I watched the Game Show Network while we were there. I tried to sleep a bit since I only had two hours sleep, but to no avail. I had to get up an pee several times while the IV fluids went through me. The nurse came in again with the results of my blood and urine test and said that my hemoglobin was low (I already figured that) and that my glucose level was a little high. She said that it was 500 and I asked her what was normal and she didn't know. So she left and came back and said around 100 is normal. I'm like... okay... what do I do for that? She just said to lay off the sugar. Okay... whatever. So... she gave me another bag of fluids and left again. She really didn't seem to know what was going on. I should have listened to my friend and gone to Allen hospital's E.R. instead, but I went to Covenant because IF anything were to happen, that is where my OB will deliver the baby. I had to ask if I was contagious, what to do for the symptoms, what I could eat and drink, etc. They weren't good about giving me any information. So, we got the paperwork and prescription for antibiotics and left.

Right after we left, my lips started tingling and I was like, "Oh, great! Why couldn't this have started before we left?!" Any little change has been freaking me out lately! We went to Walgreens and got my meds and some throat friendly foods and drinks and came home. Thankfully, my friends took the kiddos out trick-or-treating for me so they wouldn't have to miss out on that, too. THANK YOU!!! Then Ollie and Eden spent the night with Grandma Young and Jaren was still with G&G Palmer. Also... Ed was supposed to work his last overnight, but luckily Dan said he'd take his shift so I wasn't alone... just in case Ed needed to take me to the hospital again. THANKS, DAN!

We got home, popped in a movie, heated up some tomato soup and laid down. I was sooooo dang tired and feeling crappy that I went to bed at about 8:30ish. I didn't finish my soup because I was feeling urpy again and reeeeaaaallly didn't want to puke again. So... off to bed I went with my puke bucket right next to the bed. I slept most of the night (minus two hours) and slept until about 1 pm Sunday afternoon when Ed and his dad woke me up to check my blood sugar level since in reality I was verging on diabetic coma with a level of 500 at the ER the day before. It was 89. They gave me a blessing and I slept until about four. The kids are off to G&G's house for the week since I'm contagious until my symptoms go away. Another long sick week is ahead of me... *SIGH* :O(

Friday, October 30 - Trunk or Treat / Ward Halloween Party

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE HALLOWEEN! It is my favorite holiday! I love all of the food and activities associated with the holiday and this time of year in general! So... you will understand why I'm mad that I have to miss out on all of the fun things going on! I love seeing the kids in their costumes and their excitement for all of the activities they get to participate in! This is the first year that I've missed their school halloween party and parade. It makes me so sad! :O(

Anyways... since I didn't want to freak anyone out by going to the church Halloween party and trunk or treat, I asked Ed to take them! I know he's not as into these things as me, but he understands that I would do it if I could. I miss doing things together as a family... whatever it may be. So, he brought the kids home for a bit to get their costumes and see me for like an hour and a half (they had gotten their flu shots a few days before). The kids got into their costumes and I helped Eden put on some make-up, which she LOVED!!! I drew on some chin whiskers for Oliver and some whiskers and a black nose for Jaren. I had to get some photos of them in their costumes, of course! Then, I got some hugs and good-byes and then they were gone. :O( I miss them soooooo much it hurts.

Hannah Montana (6), Dalmation (2), Shaggy from Scooby-doo (8).

Here's a better view of their costumes!

Ed called me from the party and said that the kids were having fun, but Jaren was ready to leave! He's my only kid that never wants to stay anywhere for very long. At friend's houses, the park, anywhere... it's crazy! Ollie and Eden would stay anywhere all day long!! :O) They had hot dogs, played games, did the trunk or treat, had an ugly tie contest and a best costume contest!

I saw some photos on FACEBOOK of the fun that my friends posted! It looked like they had a ball! :O) I'm sad I missed it, but I'm glad that the kids still got to go and have fun with their friends! (Thanks, Meg and Krista for the photos!)

Oliver during the Trunk or Treat at the Youngblut's.

Jaren staying by Papa's side. True to form as 'man's best friend'...

Haylie and Eden. Such cute girlies!