Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dying Easter Eggs - April 2009

As Chad was set to leave for New Mexico the next day, we had one last family fun night together with our family, Mom and Chad. We decided to color the eggs for Easter. One thing I missed doing was our "Egg Judging". I think we were all just too pooped to do it... plus... I couldn't find my red food coloring so we were lacking in some colors!!! It was a spontaneous event, so it wasn't too well planned on my part. At least we all had fun!

I thought this looked like an eyeball when we were mixing the colors.

Ed and Bear getting ready to dye some eggs.
...and the fun begins! (side note: Why do my kids never have pants on???)

Mom and her rubberband egg.

Chad's "Egg-dger Allen Poe" creation.

My tie dye egg effect.

Oliver and Jaren. I LOVE this picture!

First a Nacho Libre pumpkin... now a Nacho Libre egg... What is wrong with me!?! ;o)

Mom put the egg stands on her ears... AND... Grandma... like Grandson... ;o)

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Amy said...

You guys are so creative!! I love the Nacho egg. The eye is very cool!
Meghan never has pants on either plus she is always covered in some kind of filth :)