Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Bit of Humor in the Midst of Stress

Okay... Every day since I've been in the hospital I've been able to order room service. I call and tell them what room I'm in and what food I would like to order. They must be relying on memory because almost every time they've forgotten something or added something on that I didn't order.

Some things have been small, like... forgetting crackers with my soup or forgetting ketchup for the french fries. In those instances... not a huge problem. For the most part it's been things like... adding on Cream of Wheat for no reason whatsoever. They've forgotten to give me chips when I ordered them (on two occasions), chocolate cake instead of chocolate ice cream, cookies, a fruit bowl, etc. One evening I ordered my meal and Ed ordered a meal that would be billed to us. They forgot my chips (I was craving salt like a mad woman) and my fruit bowl. They also forgot Ed's strawberry ice cream. After several days of errors I finally called and told them what they had forgotten (especially when we are being billed for things that we didn't receive). About 5 minutes later, she brought the things up to us. Everything except for MY SALTY CHIPS!!! I was thinking, "What the crap! How hard is this to remember!?!" I just about walked my post labor self down to the cafeteria and got the doggone chips myself!

Now, Ed and I make bets on what will be forgotten when we receive our next meal. I slept here at home last night with the kids and Ed called me this morning and said, "Guess what they forgot..." I thought to myself, "HMMMM.... sausage?" Ed replied, "Sausage". Hey, after so much stress it's nice to find the humor in something!

If you feel the need to visit and bring us something, how about a bag of salty chips! Hehehe!


HeidiAnn said...

Stac-Only YOU and ED could find humor in all of this. You are my hero!

Garran, Meg and two cute BOYS! said...

I will have to find you guys some salty chips. Sorry I have not been able to get up there. We had my appointment yesterday which was a nightmare.. More mess ups and alot of me grumbling under my breath. Anyways the only good news was that the doctor cleared us to go on vacation, so I have been running around like a mad woman trying to get things together. But we are not leaving until tomorrow so if you need anything just hollar. We love you guys.