Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ready or not... HERE I COME!

I talked with Ed this morning and he said that Jaren is doing lots better. He still is having phototherapy, but they took the overhead lamp away and now he's just laying on the other light... my little glow worm! He was a little fussy last night with Papa at the hospital. We are expecting him to be released from his NICU penthouse tomorrow, Friday the 29th, around noon! YEA! He gets circumsized tomorrow as well... poor little man. We appreciate all of the prayers that have been said for him as well as the rest of our family. Heavenly Father has really been mindful of us at this time!

I've been home trying to get things ready for his arrival. I know that I was blessed to not have stitches or anything with this delivery. It was the easiest and smoothest labor and delivery compared to the other two! I couldn't hardly walk or sit for at least a week after Ollie and Eden were born. I've hardly had time to rest, being with Ed and Jaren at the hospital, hanging out with the kids at home and trying to get the house in some sort of order before he comes home!

The kids are so excited to have their brother home... not sure how long that excitement with last when they realize that babies cry alot! :) Ollie has been telling all of his friends that he has a baby brother and he's "so cute"! I know that they will be big helpers... if only for a little while.

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