Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break Extravaganza!

MONDAY - St. Patrick's Day GREEN Dinner (see previous blog).

TUESDAY - Lunch at Chuck E. Cheese with Brenda, Nathan, Nick & McKenzie. They had a new machine that took your picture and scanned it onto a card. Mine was a "Diva" card. Ollie had a "Firefighter" card. Eden had five different cards, including a "Hip Hop Dancer" card! I even got one of Jaren. His was a "Rock Concert Backstage Pass" card.

VIDEO: "How Eden Got Her Groove Back"

WEDNESDAY - Rollerskating and a visit to TILT, our local arcade featuring Black Light Mini Golf. The kids went skating and were even better this time! We wanted to do something with Ed during break so later in the evening we went to the arcade. Oliver and I played the Black Light Mini Golf. It was done up like we were playing under the sea. Really great artwork! Ed played some games with Ollie and I took her to Claire's, a girly store. She got some lip gloss and a pair of pink rhinestone slip on shoes that look like crocs. She still doesn't want to get her ears pierced. I figure that she'll let us know if she ever wants to go through with it!

Oliver and Eden at the Roller Rink

Entrance to the Black Light Mini Golf. Eden and Ollie.

Oliver concentrating so intently!

Ed and I had some Pirate Target Practice!

THURSDAY - A Night at the movies! My mom watched Jaren so we could take the kids to see "Horton Hears A Who". I thought it was a really cute movie! I just can't get over how much it is to take two kids to a movie and get popcorn and drinks... INSANE! We all just love seeing movies together!

FRIDAY - My mom and I took the kids to La Chapala, a mexican restaurant. We just love everything about it. I guess a cook from Las Margaritas started his own restaurant and so the food is exactly the same. Oooooohhh so good!


Krista said...

Only Eden can "groove" to the ABC's! How funny!

Anonymous said...

You are supposed to turn off those movies when the kids come in! Demi Moore has nothing on Eden! HAHA! Jeff and I are laughing so hard we are crying! That is classic!

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