Monday, March 17, 2008

Rollerskating... A First for the Kiddies!

MARCH 11, 2008 - First time on roller skates!

Tonight the kids had their very first school rollerskating party! I remember coming here when I was in elementary school! I remember having some rollerskating birthday parties and inviting some boys... OOH LA LA!!! I think that was in sixth grade... ah... memories! The kids had so much fun, but boy... did they get some NASTY bruises from falling down!

"It feels just like I'm FALLING for the FIRST TIME!"
Eden and McKenzie
Ollie didn't like the roller skates... we got him some roller blades. ("I believe I can fly...")

Haylie, Eden and McKenzie
JAZZ HANDS... as I drag Eden behind me...

Spectator Jaren and his big bro, Ollie

I LOVE this picture of him holding my hand!

Eden picked out this door prize for having her name called. I think I'll call her... SASSAFRAS...

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MomOf5Gents said...

I talked to your young ones after their skating adventure. According to Ollie and Eden, when they get bigger they are going to be able to do stunts and tricks while they skate. They just need more practice. They will probably even be able to skate BACKWARDS like their Mom!