Thursday, April 3, 2008

Oliver + Asthma = Ambulance

Have you guessed what this photograph is of?

It's actually a Civil War Ambulance Crew... which brings me to my next blog...

On Monday, March 24th I sent the kids to school as usual. I was tired and Jaren was sleeping so I decided to take a nap as well. After a while I heard the phone ring and it was Ed on the other end asking,
"Where were you? Where were you?"
I said, "I'm here! I'm here! I was taking a nap! What's going on??"
Apparently the school was trying to reach me, but I had not heard the phone ring as I was in la la land! He was in the car on his way to Oliver's school because Oliver wasn't responding to his inhaler at school. He said the ambulance was on it's way to pick him up from school as well. I was like, "WHAT??" Evidentally he told his teacher that he needed his "treatment" (inhaler) and so she sent him to the office downstairs. The secretary gave him a few puffs, but Oliver said it wasn't working. She must have turned around for a split second and so he decided to try and go back to class. An associate found him crying in the hallway and noticed that he was having trouble breathing so she took him back to the office. The secretaries husband has asthma and so she decided to call 911.
The ambulance got there and started an IV and gave him some oxygen. Whenever they'd take the oxygen away his oxygen level dropped to 80.
So, I'm at home wondering if he's ok and if someone is there with him so he's not alone, freaking out in the ambulance. Ed said that he was pretty quiet and just laid there. Later, Brenda, an associate that works there (I also babysit her daughter), said that she offered to go with Ollie since he knew her, but the EMT's said that it wasn't necessary I guess.
So... Ed gets there and follows them to the hospital where they could give him more powerful breathing treatments. They got him back to "his normal" and came back home the same day. I got a bag ready for him with coloring books, his leapster, reading books and some clothes as I thought he was going to be admitted.
We definitely need to ramp up on his meds now that it's getting into allery season. He was also running alot at recess which I'm sure triggered his flare up! He says that he wants to be a firefighter now, since the guys in the ambulance were firefighters! He's such a sweet little guy even though he's got a lot on his plate at such a young age.


Mike & Mandy said...

Poor, sweet Ollie! He is such a cutie.

G Lady! said...

That is so cute that he said he wants to be a fire fighter.. He is braver than me.. I am sure i would have been scared!

Jen said...

How scary! It is the worst when something happens to your kids- you feel so helpless. I am glad he is doing better. And love that you are doing water aerobics. I should start doing some prenatal ones as I haven't done anything this whole pregnancy!