Monday, December 1, 2008


My mom and brother, Chad, came over to paint some pumpkins that I had bought from the farmer's market. I also bought some small apples to make caramel apples as well. We had some autumn leaves sprinkles as well as some Halloween m&m's that I chopped up to add to the apples. As you can see below... Eden and Ollie are having a hay day! We made the caramel apples beforehand so they had time to set up a bit while we painted the pumpkins. It was a really messy, yet fun, night!!!

Edes and Ollie adding sprinkles to their apples. What hams!
I can't wait to eat mine!

Jaren and Eden helping Uncle Chad stir the melted caramels.

Jaren painting his first little pumpkin! What a big boy!

Eden, Jaren, Ed and Ollie

My Mommy's Mummy!

Uncle Chad and Jaren

"The Whole Gang"

The Gang from Left to Right:
"Michael Myers" - by Chad
"Mini Mummy" - by Mom
"Strange Pumpkin" - by Eden
"Strawberry Pumpkin" - by Oliver
"The Incredible Hulk" - by Ed and Oliver
"Silver Pumpkin" - by Jaren
"Nacho Libre" - by Stacy

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