Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Miss My Chitlins...

I really miss my kiddos, kids, chitlins, children, offspring, wee ones, spawns, heirs, etc.

Every morning Ed gets Jaren ready for Grandma and Grandpa Palmer's house and they watch him while Ed is at work. Oliver and Eden are at school all day and get off of the bus around four o'clock. I get to spend about an hour or two with them every weekday afternoon (unless they go upstairs to play). Ed comes home from work, picks them up and takes them to his parent's house to spend the night there. It's easier for his mom and dad to get them ready and fed at their house every morning. Ed drops them off and picks up Jaren to spend time with us in the evening and sleep in his own crib during the night.

I am exceedingly grateful that we have family (and friends) here that are willing to help us during this time with my recent health issues. I really do miss the kids though and I know they miss me too. I pray that I can heal quickly... that my neck will heal and that my bones will get the calcium they have been yearning for... for so long now. My legs ache... mainly my knees. It really hurts to walk and even change position in my chair. The worst thing is getting into a car... WOW... now THAT is a killer! I don't have to worry much though since I can't drive yet and I pretty much stay in the house all day long. It's getting kind of boring! I should be grateful for this time that I have to just be with myself. Maybe I could read or get some crocheting done. Sometimes all I want to do is sleep, since that's the only time I can get away from the pain. I'm not able to care for Jaren myself at this time because I can't lift over 10 pounds. He's CONSTANTLY motioning for me to pick him up in the evening when Ed is here and I have to tell him that I can't pick him up yet. It will cause too much of a strain on my neck.

It's weird to think about the doctors being in my neck fiddling around in there and then to be sewn up. I took the tape off of my neck and now I can feel the thread they used when they stitched me up. It feels like fishing line! It's driving me nuts everytime I feel it sticking out. I wish I could have kept the tape on it longer. Dr. Lal, my awesome surgeon, said that my wound would stick out a bit, but that it would shrink the more days it had to heal. She said to gently massage that area, but it still hurts quite a bit! I feel better every day, but it still is not up for being massaged I must say! Now... my shoulders on the other hand... could use a long massage!

I know that Eden especially wishes to come back home to stay. Today I overheard her tell Ed that Grandma's beds aren't as soft as hers is! She's been very teary eyed lately. I had to tell her that she had to go back for a while until I healed. I thought that I could manage this week, but I just couldn't. I did well on Monday... getting them ready, fed and off to school, but Tuesday was different. I couldn't even get out of bed because my legs hurt so bad! They got themselves dressed and ready for school. I just pray that I can heal and recover QUICKLY!!! I know that it will all happen in the Lord's time. I just need to be patient. Easier said than done.

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Krista said...

I know this is hard. It will just be nice when it is all done!