Saturday, September 6, 2008

Journey Through June

Okay. Summer FLEW by! First of all I didn't realize that I would be on the go 24/7 while my kids were home for Summer Break! We bought a pool pass this year and we were there alot! The kids played with their friends from school (usually at the pool). They love going to play with my mom's neighbors: Saandi, Sanda and Amanda! We had the sprinklers, water guns, water balloons and a slip-n-slide all for them to play with this summer at Grandma's house. Saandi is 11 and such a nice kid. He and Oliver play alot together while Eden plays with Sanda (6) and Amanda (5). The kids could play with them ALL day and ALL night if they could! They always give hugs when we have to go home! We also went to the Youth Pavilion with the kids and they had fun protraying the "American Gothic" couple! We celebrated Ed and Jaren's birthdays on the same day. Ed turned 30 this year and Jaren was one! We just spent their special days with family this year. Jaren was decked out waving his flag during the Sturgis Falls Parade. It was his first parade to see. Hmmm... to bad they don't throw candy anymore!

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