Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Take Me Out to the BALL GAME!!!"

Oliver learning how to hit it off of the tee during the first day of practice. He's never been in T-Ball, but he just picked up on the game as a little boy! He's loved baseball ever since! I FINALLY didn't procrastinate this summer! Oliver and Coach Wayne.

Oliver practicing running the bases! Great Grandma Young bought his kleats at a garage sale the summer before and he was so excited to wear them! It was so funny to watch how fast he hustled to home plate. When he ran... little puffs of dust would shoot out from the back of his feet! He ALWAYS hustled when he hit the ball or when he'd be chasing the ball in the outfield!

Oliver and Tyler, a friend from church, got to be on the same team, "The Express". They are both going to be in 2nd grade this upcoming school year.

Playing first base.

Ollie trying his hand at 3rd base. He throws well and usually hits his target. We've been playing catch alot this spring and summer. He's got an arm on him!

Keeping his eye on the batter so he can kick up some dirt running to third!

This was SOOOO HILARIOUS!!! Oliver would bend down when he was on the base and sweep the dirt off of the plate! I think he may have a tad of my OCD!!! :o)

Asking Coach Wayne what position they are playing next!

I took this picture of Oliver before he hit his home run! What a cutie!

A line drive down first base!

Ollie bringing up the rear in the "Good Game" lineup!
Oliver's friend Saandi even came to watch Ollie play!

VIDEO: Oliver hits and makes it to first! Watch those speedy little legs of his!


Mandy said...

SO cute! Major league, here he comes!

Carolina Girl said...

what a cutie.. he looks so cute in his uniform!