Saturday, September 6, 2008

"A Million Balloons and Performing Baboons..." Wait... No Baboons...

I thought I'd buy some balloons and brush up on my balloon art that I have been wanting to improve on. My brother and I made some for Oliver's 5th birthday party and it was so fun to see the kids faces when they got one for themselves!

Here are some things that I've been able to create:
"Swan in Heart" - A friend of mine taught me how to do this one.
It's a bit tricky."Three-Colored Ball"

"Four Petal Flower"

First Attempt at "Poodle"

Second Attempt at "Poodle" and "Beaded Dog Collar & Leash"

"Hat" "Pirate Sword" "Sheath"

After all of that practicing, I put it to good use creating lots of swords and sheaths as well as hats! Needless to say, I didn't really get to chat with the adults at the cook-out!

Oliver made his own "Weenie Dog"

Eden made... well... something she was very proud of! :o)

I guess it must run in the family! Maybe we are circus freaks by nature... who knows! We had LOTS of balloon animal remnants lying around our house for days! Don't worry, Jaren didn't choke on anything! Fun times!


Stacy said...

I must say... I DO have the CUTEST balloon models! :o)

Amy said...

I love it!! Do you have an hourly rate :)? Seriously! That looks like fun! Rod has a carnival folk heritge. At our last family reunion his toothless uncle wheeled out the shaved ice maker and charged everyone a quarter.

Naomi and sometimes Shane and someday Adam said...

I knew you were talented girl but wow! You blow me away! Wish you were close. Adam turns one in a few weeks and you would be a hit! Plus we could do some modern dancing and I'm sure that would be a crowd pleaser as well. :)