Saturday, August 1, 2009

JULY - Oliver's Baseball Tournament - Games 1 & 2

TUESDAY, JULY 21st - GAME 1 - Braves (W) vs. Cardinals (L) - Oliver scored the only run by being hit in!

WEDNESDAY, JULY 22nd - GAME 2 - Braves (W) vs. Athletics (L) - Since they won, they got to move on to play in the Silver Bracket Tournament Game!!! Unfortunately Ed was on a business trip to Wisconsin and missed their BEST GAME of the whole season!!! They ALL did so well! There were several different boys who caught balls that never had before, their throwing was spot on and many of them made contact with the ball and got base hits!!! Oliver never got a hit until the last few games of the season and he did FANTASTIC during the tournament! He got two hits in this game! He's a fast little runner! I LOVED watching him play this year! This game was by far the most exciting one to watch! GOOD JOB, OLIVER!!!

Oliver in the outfield. He usually played outfield, shortstop and third base! He really wants to try and pitch and catch next year. There is a pitching and catching clinic sometime in April so maybe we'll sign him up for that! He just LOVES playin' ball!

View from the outfield.

Jaren sitting by Uncle Chad, cheering for Ollie!

Ollie at bat! Good ol' #16!!! My little lefty!

Ollie seemed to always bring up the rear when they lined up to say, "Good game"!!!

"Who are we? BRAVES!!!"


One of the mom's made some cute baseball cupcakes! I was going to do the same thing for Oliver's birthday since he was supposed to have practice that day, but they ended up not having it! Maybe I'll still try it for his actual birthday party... which seems to be getting pushed further and further back. We are a busy bunch this summer... what can I say?!?!

Uncle Chad made it to one of Oliver's games! He was lucky enough to see the best game of the whole season!!! :O) The kiddos certainly love their Uncle Chaddie!!!

This was Oliver's best hit of the whole season! It was a line drive past third and into the outfield!!! I love to watch his little legs go when he runs! He also is always holding his helmet when he runs! TOO FUNNY!!!

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