Thursday, August 23, 2007

Man vs. Tooth

On Thursday, August 16th, Oliver came to us and showed us that he had a loose tooth! It was one of his front teeth on the bottom row. A gap had appeared next to this tooth and come to find out, two new teeth were beginning to sprout. It's like they were quoting me... quoting Jim Carrey... "MOVE IT OR LOSE IT SISTER!" Oliver showed us these teeth and Ed said to Oliver, "You aren't a shark! Humans don't have more than one row of teeth!" Ollie thought that was pretty funny.

Friday, August 17th - He woke up this morning and was tugging and twisting and pulling at his tooth. We went to my mom's house and Oliver went to the neighbors to play. Her neighbors are from Bosnia and don't speak a whole lot of English, but they try. The kids, Saandi, Sanda and Amanda speak it pretty well. Ollie and Eden just love those kids to pieces! Every time they leave they all give each other hugs! It's so funny. Anyways... Oliver went over to play with Saandi in his house and a little while later, he came back over to my mom's house and said, "LOOK! The Bosnian Grandpa pulled it out!" He was so excited about losing his tooth! So we put it in a baggy and took it home with us.

Later that night before bed, I asked him if he wanted to keep his tooth or give it to the Tooth Fairy for some money. He said, "Weeelllll... I like my tooth... BUT... I like money better!!!" So the kids went to bed and before Ed and I retired for the night, I peeked in and saw that Eden was still awake. Her eyes were slightly open and she looked exhausted laying there. She said, "The Tooth Fairy hasn't come yet. I've been waiting." It was so cute! Ollie's been showing everyone his smile ever since!

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HeidiAnn said...

He looks sooooo much like ED!!