Monday, November 10, 2008


-SUNDAY, September 28, 2008-

Little Addison

Eden, Oliver, Aubrey and Natalie. They couldn't bring themselves to pose for a nice photo. Those crazy kiddos!
Jare Jare

Natalie hanging out with Uncle Ed.

Their neighbors were nice enough to let us take over their pool for the evening... what a cool pool!


Our bathing beauty

Cute Lil' Jare Man

Ollie retrieved the football and picked up some mud on the way back!

NAT... stop peeing in the pool!!! J/K

"Brothers don't shake hands... Brothers gotta HUG!"

A Grapesicle!

Hmmm... what's the water like?

Jare Jare and Papa

Uncle Jared teaching Jaren the art of the fist bump...

Hmmmm... displaced water a bit???

Addison and Aunt Emily

I LOVE this video! I had to rewind it several times because I just could NOT STOP LAUGHING!!! Enjoy!


meghan said...

That video is hilarious!

Krista said...

Holly crap, I just tinkled! What kinda drugs did you have Jaren on when you took that video? To funny! This whole trip looks so fun. Good for you guys!

Mandy said...

I imagined him being sea sick! So cute! How nice to have neighbors with a killer pool!

Naomi and sometimes Shane and someday Adam said...

He looks like a drunken' sailor! Looks like you had fun in California! I love that pool with the palm trees. I can't believe you guys were the only ones there!