Wednesday, November 19, 2008


-FRIDAY, October 3, 2008-
I really hate saying goodbye, especially when I know that I won't see them for a while. Aubrey was already at school that morning, but we said our goodbyes and of course... I cried... It was such a wonderful trip! Jared drove all of us to LAX for our flight back into Minneapolis. We all got out of the car, hugged him goodbye and headed toward the terminal. We miss you all!!!
This is a picture of LA. Look at all that smog! I couldn't handle it... I just couldn't!
LAX... I'll definitely miss those gorgeous palm trees!

Jaren peeking over Daddy's seat. I think he's trying to make new friends!

We got back to MN late and were waiting for the shuttle to pick us up and take us back to the hotel.


I think this picture of Jaren sums it up for all of us! We were exhausted AND we were rushing home so Ed could get to work at his second job on time!


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