Tuesday, November 11, 2008


-TUESDAY, September 30th, 2008-
Well, we ventured to Disneyland yet again! This year we were there for Halloween at Disneyland! I loved all of the decorations that lined main street as well as the rest of the park. Pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns, candy corn and leaves were some of decor of this year. Last year we were there for all of the Christmas decor and it was beautiful with all the the lights.

Before we left to come to Disneyland, Uncle Jared and Aunt Emily surprised my kids with some lanyards. She said that the new thing at Disneyland is that you buy pins and put them on your lanyard and then you can trade them with people. The kids loved them!

Aubrey and Ollie

Eden and Natalie

The Blues Brothers...

"World of Disney" store (outside view)

Eden in a Halloween hat.

I loved this pic of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. It reminds me of a snow globe.

The kids in front of a candy corn "A" at the end of the "California" Adventure letters.
If you look closely, you can see candy corns hanging from the palm trees.

Eden and Oliver before entering Disneyland.

Ed and Jaren

We didn't see many characters throughout the day, but as we entered the park, we saw Goofy all decked out in his skeleton costume.

Cool decor on the lightposts.

The view of Sleeping Beauty's castle from Main Street.

"The Orbiter"

Buzz Lightyear's "Astro Blasters". This is Oliver's favorite ride!

Eden showing me her princess pendent on her lanyard.

We ate at the "Pizza Port" again this year. It's yumtastic! Here is Oliver and his big grin!

"The Boys"

As we were walking to another ride, we walked past "Jedi Training". If we come back to Disneyland, we'll definitely have to get the kids involved. Here they are watching from afar.

Darth Maul

Darth Vader and other characters

Jaren fell asleep before we got to "The Teacups".

Ed, Ollie and Eden

I love this picture. You can see the top of "The Matterhorn" and the awesome lanterns strung up over the "Teacups".

Addison was peeking out of the back of the stroller. Look at those eyes!

"Tarzan's Treehouse"

Aerial view from the treehouse. I think it used to be "The Swiss Family Robinson" treehouse, which of course I thought I was going to live in when I was older!!!

Knotty trees below the Tarzan's house.

I really wanted to go on this ride last time we went, but we ran out of time. For some reason I thought it was a rollercoaster... hmmm. It was actually a jeep ride that was on a track, but it simulated a bumpy ride all over the place! It was one of my favorites!

As you can see, Eden did NOT like this ride. Hehehe

Ed, Jared, Eden, Oliver and Aubrey in the Temple of the Forbidden Eye.

"The Pirates of the Caribbean"

Papa and Jare Bear

Emily, Addison and Aubrey in the boat.
Eden and a barrel of "Jewels" which reminded me of the movie, "The Goonies" when they find all the jewelry and gems and save their house! Classic.
"The Haunted Mansion" with "The Nightmare Before Christmas" for Halloween.

Jaren (15 months) and Addison (5 months)
Oliver with his pirate pistol.
Eden waiting for the "Winnie the Pooh" ride.

"Splash Mountain" was also one we didn't go on last time due to the rain before.

They had some pumpkins carved to look like Disney characters. They were AWESOME! I snapped some shots before the "Parade of Dreams" started. We actually got to see the parade this time! It was in the 90's and sunny this time. Last time it was rainy and chilly.

Jack Frost

Walt Disney and Mickey Statue

I just LOVE Disneyland! I never went as a kid, but I love it there! I have to thank Emily for staying with Jaren and the kids when they opted out of a ride! I'm glad that we ALL got to go and spend time together! There still are some places that we didn't see... maybe next year! ;o)


Williams Family said...

Disneyland is so fun! We were there last summer and would go back in a heartbeat. I love your pictures. What a fun vacation. we miss you all!

HeidiAnn said...

Thanks for your comment on my post and sorry I NEVER comment on yours. I do look at it, just so you know. :O) I love and miss you too! One of these days I will actually get to see you I hope. Love ya tons and I LOVE these pics of Disney. SOOO FUN!!!

Hartson family said...

never went as a kid... too sad. I guess you're making up for it now! I've been to DisneyWorld a few times. I've never been able to take the kids though. :(
Still working on it.