Thursday, October 8, 2009

Labor Day BBQ with Ed's Co-workers

We were invited to a BBQ with some of Ed's co-workers from John Deere for Labor Day and had a really fun time! It was probably the last get-together with them since Ed will be getting different position soon. It's been fun getting to know them and we'll have to still go out with some of them every once in a while! Thanks, Melissa!!!

Joshlin & Jaren. Sweet legs there, Bear! We took off his pants since it was really hot out that day!

Cutie girl! She is so dang cute and LOVES Dora!

Abby and her little man, Jett. What a doll!

Jaren and Eden playing on the hammock.

Eden holding Jett. She's such a little mommy!

Joshlin and Jaren playin'.

Oliver displaying Jett for all to see! HA!

Two cutie boys, Jett & Jathan!

Joshlyn kept sitting with Melissa... too cute!

Jaren as a puppy dog...

Jaren petting the cute doggy... Thank goodness for Benedryl!

I LOVE this picture! I can envision a cape on Jaren... Doesn't he look like a superhero!?! HA!


meghan said...

I totally thought about a cape for Jaren too. Just the way he is standing!! Looks like a fun time.

Naomi said...

Eden is a true pro!