Friday, November 6, 2009

Recap of 2009- Pains, Pains and More Pains

Soooo... a quick recap of the last year and maybe then people will understand why I've been in such a bad mood this year...

*December 22 - Heel Spur Surgery (after a year of horrible pain I FINALLY got surgery.)*January 3 - Found out I had parathyroid problems (extreme fatigue, wretching, diarrhea, bone pain, etc.)... at Covenant hospital for a week (MANY tests). Transferred to Iowa City for a week (MANY tests). Had two ambulance rides to the hospital this month! Rode to Iowa City twice in an ambulance. All this while recovering from recent foot surgery... on crutches... yeah... awesome.
*January 22 - Parathyroidectomy (aka: surgery on my neck) still in Iowa City... Had the most painful I.V. meds that felt like my veins were on fire... HORRIBLE PAIN!
*January/February - Healing from both surgeries and using a walker because of short term osteoporosis which is actually really painful!
*March/April - Still healing after two surgeries and being sick for 3 years without knowing what was wrong.
*April 10 - Found out I'm pregnant and NO we weren't trying for anyone who really wants to know.
*April - Now: Pregnancy issues... Emotional issues (deal with on a daily basis - Mental Illness and with crazy hormones my regular meds aren't cuttin' the mustard. Anemic = very tired.
*August - Now: Hurt my back (see Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, massage therapist) worse than my regular back pain from the last 10 years. Some days can't walk. Hurts to breathe. No meds take the pain away. Think it's sciatica.
*September - Strep and other nasty seasonal craptasticness... gestational diabetes scare.
*October - After an Endocrine appointment, found out my parathyroid hormone is back up again. Which means I may have to have another surgery... this time with a newborn... what timing!
*October - During an OB appointment... found out I have H1N1. Wouldn't be so bad, but I'm pregnant... not good... and I have two children with chronic asthma... not good.
*October 31st - Horrible vomiting episode in the morning. My face was swollen, glands were HUGE, throat felt like it was closing and extremely painful, felt like my eyeballs were going to pop out of my head. Went to the E.R. found out I had pharyngitis which is an inflammation of the pharynx and extremely contagious. Had I.V. meds and was there for several hours.
*November 1st - Horrible headache and bloody eyeballs resulting from nasty vomiting episode. The eye doctor said what most likely happened was from retching so forcefully causing a spike in my blood pressure thus causing my blood vessels to rupture in my eyes. Sooooo nasty. It took over a month to fully heal.
*November - Pregnancy pains... extreme ligament pain, feeling like the baby will fall out at any moment. Lots of insomnia and back pain.
*December 2nd - Pulled over by cops on my way home from a friend's house resulting in two tickets adding up to $227.00. Just in time for Christmas... BOO! Then... several hours later... having contractions TWO WEEKS EARLY, heading to the hospital, being dialated to an 8 resulting in all natural child birth... OUCH!!! I'm wondering if it was related to stress.
*December 3rd - Recovering from child birth... LOTS of horrible cramping in my abdomen. Woke up with a sore throat, congestion and fever of 100. Great.
*December - Still recovering. I have forgotten how painful recovery from child birth is. I'm happy that this is the last time I will feel this way, but I'm sad that this is my last baby...

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