Monday, February 18, 2008

A Clean Bill of Health

On the morning of the 13th, I drove my mom to the hospital to have a flexible sigmoidoscope. She had some pollops removed a few weeks ago during her colonoscope. She finally went to see the doctor after over a year of bleeding. I can't believe that she had waited so long. I'm sure she didn't want to worry anyone. The doctor said that it was a good thing that she came when she did and encouraged her to have my brothers and I get one soon just to be on the safe side.

We were there at about 7:15 am and so we chatted for a bit while the nurses got her paperwork filled out and all of that fun stuff. She had said before, during her colonoscope, that she felt alot of pain even though she was given "enough medicine for three patients". She was nervous about not being given enough this time. Anyways... she was rolled into the room for the test at about 8:05 am and was done around 8:50 am. I couldn't believe that she was done so fast! I could tell that she was still a bit out of it because she kept repeating herself! She did say that this time it felt MUCH better and the doctor said that she had half of the amount of meds that she did last time! Who knows... I'm just glad she didn't have to go through so much pain this time!

The doctor had come in and told us that he had just gone up and checked it out to make sure the pollops were gone and took some tissue biopsies as well and some crazy rectal pictures that I just happened to get a glimpse of! WOE IS ME! I COULD HAVE GONE WITHOUT SEEING THAT! I tryed to talk with mom and make her laugh to keep her spirits up. She even asked me if the doctor had been in to see us and I reminded her that she even asked him some questions. I made sure that we were given the written information and that I didn't leave anything out.

The nurse came in and kept asking her if she was passing gas yet. She kept on saying no and then HOLY COW... did she let it RIP! After each one we were both in hysterics from laughing so hard. She'd laugh hard and more would come rolling out! Long, Loud and Snappy. I told her it's the "Rumble in the Bronx"! One was like a smorgasboard of different sounds... like it was talking to me! Ok... crude... I know... but if you knew my family... you'd understand. I'm nuttier than a squirrel turd! And THAT IS FOR SURE!

So... after two days... mom came over and said that she was good to go! We were all relieved to hear it! I don't know what I would have done if it had been the bad news. We could do without some cancer for a while in this family. So... we are relieved! Thanks to all of my friends who were praying for her. It meant alot to know that you all cared about her!


Mike & Mandy said...

I know how scary it can be to wait for test results like that. Everytime my Mom goes in for her cancer screenings, I always get that pit in my stomach until good news comes back. I also am suppose to start screenings. Yeah mamograms! I am very happy all turned out well. See you soon!

Krista said...

Poor thing. I love your mom...I'm glad she is o.k.!