Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Kiddies

So here are some random pictures of the kids... ENJOY!

Oliver hiding under my sexy housecoat!!!

Eden sitting with Jaren. He wore this outfit to church on Christmas Eve at my Grandparent's church service. His hat stayed pointed like that! Too cute!

Oliver feeding Jaren some sweet potatoes.
Jaren had fallen asleep in his high chair.
Eden... looks like a ballet dancer... the house... looks like a bomb exploded!
Jare Jare in a "Sink Bath".
Eden and McKenzie doing some yoga for kids.
Ollie and Jaren


Krista said...

I love the video too! They kids grow up so fast! I feel like we have not done anything in so long! I can't wait for summer when the kids can play more together!

Mike & Mandy said...

The video of him smacking his lips is SO cute! It's as if he is speaking baby and saying, "My compliments to the chef!"

G Lady! said...

I love the video. That is so cute.. I love posting just random pictures of my kids. Sometimes those are the cutest!