Friday, February 29, 2008

Let's Hear it for Leap Year!!!

For all of you who didn't know that I proposed to Ed on Leap Year day 2000... well... now you know!

So, tonight Ed and I celebrated our Engagement Anniversary which only comes around once every four years.

We went to dinner at Mama Nick's Circle Pizzaria and I had the grossest Chicken Alfredo I've ever eaten. (I actually had it in a box to bring home and throw it away... I felt bad, but totally forgot it on the table when we left!
Ed got chicken strips and shared a couple with me. One even looked like a rhinosaurus! It even had the two horns on it's nose! Yes... I HAD to get a picture of it. I felt bad to have eaten him, but that remorse didn't last for too long! I think the second picture shows it better!

Then we were going to see the movie "Juno" again, which was a really good movie I thought, but Ed really wanted me to see "No Country for Old Men", which won best picture at the Academy Awards I do believe. I would have to say for me it was too bloody, but it was a film that made you think. Ed really likes the Cohen brothers so he really enjoyed it. He had gone to it with my brother, Chad, a few weeks ago and they both liked it. Ed said that he understood it alot better the second time around.

It was so nice to go out and spend time together. I was going to send Ed flowers at work today with a note that said, "I'm glad you said yes!", but I thought that might embarrass him, so I spared him the awkward comments for the day!

Also, thanks Mike and Mandy for watching the kids for us! I'm glad they were good for you guys! And don't worry about the pizza episode!!! Hehehe

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Mike & Mandy said...

OK, I thought maybe the chicken strip slightly resembled a rhino, but I didn't realize it was actually shaped like one. (By the way, is Ed giving it a drink in one of the pictures?) As for "Ollie the Amazing Pizza Eater," I don't think my Mom will ever let me live that down! I'll do better next time!