Monday, February 18, 2008

Student of the Week - Eden

Eden was Student of the Week earlier this month. She was originally scheduled to have it in January, but had the flu on Monday and Tuesday and then had a snow day on Friday. She still had a short week due to some more snow days, but at least she got to be recognized.

Eden and her teacher telling the students about her poster.

We made her a poster about herself to share with the class and we even got to come bring her McDonald's for lunch and eat with her. One day she brought her favorite book to read to the class and a sack full of her favorite things.
A celebratory cheer of sorts. A firework impersonation... or something like that!

The principal came in and gave her some goodies and congratulated her on being a good student. It's always fun to come to the kids special events at school! I love to see how special they feel!

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