Friday, February 29, 2008

Learning and Growing

Jaren has been growing and learning little by little each day. I had introduced him to a sippy cup at around six months old, but he still really shows no interest in it. This was one of the first times that he held it and pretty much just slobbered all over it, tipped it over and rolled it off his tray and onto the floor. Oh well, we'll keep trying!

I guess video games are among Jaren's favorites! He is very grabby when it comes to stuff the kids are playing with. It's fun to see him try and get involved. He is really content to sit near them even if he can't participate in what Ollie and Eden are doing. He loves to people watch. It's hilarious to watch his face when the rest of us are eating. He moves his mouth like he's chewing his food right along with the rest of us! He's still pretty gaggy when we try and introduce chunkier foods to him.

He's got six teeth now, four on top and two (working on three) on the bottom. I know he's just miserable when he's teething. Captain drooly red-cheeks! On top of that he's still dealing with his horribly itchy eczema and respiratory problems. Poor little man. Lately he's even been sporting a Simon Cowell boxed buzz cut. I really need to address that soon... :)

He also has just learned to clap. He gives me a five and he also claps as well. We sing songs and do finger rhymes as well and he just loves it! He really pays attention whenever I'm trying to teach him something, but he usually doesn't try things on his own until we've done it a few times. I LOVE hearing him laugh. He laughs when we blow raspberries on his tummy and whenever we startle him. You'd think he'd freak out, but he LOVES it! This video shows him laughing each time Ed flings his earplugs in front of him... I LOVE IT!!!

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Mike & Mandy said...

It is impossible not to smile when you're listening to his laughter! I love this video!