Thursday, September 27, 2007

"They say it's your birthday!!!!!"

So, yesterday was my 29th birthday! My mom took me out to lunch at Culvers during her lunch break from school. We had Jaren with us and so many people were commenting on how cute he was! We think he is as well! :)

Later in the day we had an early dinner at my favorite place, Las Margaritas. I had a yummy Chicken Chimichanga, beans & rice and of course... chips and salsa. It's so easy to fill up on the chips before the main entree comes, but I managed to cram most of my food down the ol' gullet. It's sooooooo good! I figured I'd splurge since it was my birthday! We met my mom and Chad there, as well as David and Janine, Ed's parents. It was a very nice dinner. I was waiting to be crowned with the sombrero, but no such luck! :)

After dinner, we went to Ed's parents house for cake and ice cream. My mom had gotten me an Autumn themed birthday cake this year and we had Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream to go with it! YUM! We were waiting for the arrival of David's sister and her husband from Washington state. It was nice to have them there to help celebrate my birthday.

The kids put on the candles and there were only 24 in the pack so we just imagined 5 more on there. I couldn't believe how much smoke billowed out and about the dining room after I blew out the candles! CRAZY! The kids also got a little crazy with the party hats!

I was very grateful for all of the cards and phone calls from family and friends. It feels good to be loved! Thanks to everyone who made my birthday a special day! By the way, Ed got me a massage... I'll be cashing that in tonight! I've never had a professional massage and I'm really looking forward to it! YEA!!!

***This was a post on one of my best friend's blogs for my birthday!***
"Happy Birthday Stacy!
So these are ten memories I have with Stacy, I have about a million more, but these are good.
1. When we were sitting on your couch while going through the cards to song burst 1980's I think. We were laughing so hard we were crying. It was so much fun.
2.Eating Burek and almost dying with it hanging out of my mouth. But hey garage sales are totally worth it.
3. Endless of nights of scrapbooking.
4. Ollie puking all over both us because of eggs, HMM I guess he is allergic to eggs.
5. Going on double dates to Cedar Rapids, with Ed wearing his bright orange vest telling everyone just how special he was.
6. In Nauvoo, trying to take important pictures and Ed and Garran only wanted to stand next to each other.
7. "Is it ok that Ollie is peeing on the couch", just checking.
8. Watching the ring" Oh yeah it's not that scary" Except for Meghan who is scared of everything! =)
9. Ahh Glorious Garage Sales!
10. Celestial Couple .... I still can't believe Danny and Silara won. They are not even married.
Happy Birthday Stacy !
I hope you have a great day!
Love Meg"

***Memories are the best gifts of all!***

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Connie (aka momof5gents) said...

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, STACY!!! Sounds like you had a great day! How was the massage?