Friday, September 28, 2007

"Well... It's my birthday too, yeah!!!"

Yesterday afternoon, we celebrated Haylie Nai's 4th birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. We happen to both have the same birthday, September 26th! I remember when we celebrated our birthdays together on her one year birthday! I'll have to find a picture of us together! I think we both had on party tiaras!

The kids had a blast playing the games and getting to see Chuck E. Cheese in person! It was madness when he came out to see all of the kids! The kids were practically flopping all over each other to get to him! It was hilarious!

Ollie and Eden got their picture taken together in one of the new game booths that they had there! It was a sketch drawing of them together.

We'll have to go back soon, because we still have some tokens left over! It will be a good indoor winter activity!

Happy Birthday, Haylie!

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Krista said...

This is so cute! You will deffinately have to show me how to do this!