Friday, September 21, 2007

Who Needs Therapy When You Have Visiting Teaching!?!

VISITING TEACHING - an assignment accepted by women of the church to serve our fellow sisters age 18 and up. This gives us the opportunity to teach the gospel and nurture relationships. It helps to meet each sister's spiritual and temporal needs. (excerpts from the book "True to the Faith: A Gospel Reference")

Usually a sister is assigned a companion, and the two sisters visit each sister in their care at least once a month. A different gospel message is shared each month. I serve with Jamie Jolley and we have 4 ladies on our list. We visited two sisters this week and it is always so fun to go over and share our testimonies and stories that help to lift each one of us up. We ALL have trials in our lives and it helps to know that we can be there for one another and that these trials are to help us grow and learn to be more like Christ. We can pray together and cry together when times are hard, but also laugh together. It is a great program and I love getting to know more of my sisters.

It's so funny because when we get together we just talk and talk and talk! Usually we spend about an hour or two with each sister. Tuesday we spent 2 hours with Keeley and when we left she said she looks forward to us coming! I drove Jamie home and we talked in the van for almost another hour. It's great to talk to people because it's very theraputic! Then last night, we visited Mandy and we were there for 2 1/2 hours. I stayed for another 1 1/2 after Jamie left... Mandy and I are good friends outside of church as well, so we can gab until the cows come home!!!

I love my sisters in the church and I love serving Heavenly Father in making sure that all of his children are taken care of and comforted in their times of need! I love this church and ALL that it teaches and I'm happy to be able to take a look at my life everyday and to change the things that I need to change in order to become more like Christ. I don't know what I would do without Him.

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