Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Games That We Play

Krista had called and asked if we could watch Sydney for her while Anthony, Haylie, Tuione and Krista went down to the hospital in Iowa City for Haylie's appointment (she's only 3 and has kidney problems), poor little girlie! I said I'd watch her... I knew Eden would be excited to have a friend over during the week! (It's hard to see friends now that school is back in session!) So, Sydney rode home on the bus with Oliver.

We had a fun time together! The kids played outside for the most part and then they came in for some super-terrific tacos and an ice cream cone for dessert. We also played some games after we cleaned off the dining room table.

We found a new game called, "Pass the Pigs", where you roll two plastic pig "dice" and get points for the different positions that they land in! Sydney rolled a double snouter worth 40 points!!! I had to get a picture!

We also played "UNO Attack". The kids LOVE pushing the button and having the cards fly out! I got a funny picture of Oliver getting attacked by some cards! Oh... we have some wooden boards (as seen in the photos) with slanted divots sawed into them where the kids can place their cards during a game. Since kids have little hands, and can't always hold them all in their hands, this was perfect for our family! I first saw them when I worked at River Hills School. One of the teacher aides' husband makes them for the school. I had commented on how cool they were and the next day, I had three of them sitting on my desk at school! How nice was that!?! They are so awesome for our kids! We LOVE playing games together as a family... AND with our friend, Sydney!

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