Monday, September 10, 2007

Riding With Two, Not Four

Today Ed decided to take off Oliver's training wheels on his bike. Ollie has been asking him to do it for a while now. It was a rainy day and the grass wouldn't have been very fun to crash into, but alas, Ollie was lovin' it! He was having troubles starting and stopping, as expected, but I was amazed at how well he did on his own. He didn't wobble very much at all. He did crash into Eden on her bike though!! She was not very thrilled. (Insert Eden crying and yelling at Ollie.)

Here is a video of him riding his bike for the first time without his training wheels to help steady him... I hope this works!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Ollie! I love the way he just jumped off the bike! So much fun!

Caleb and Marci said...

Stacy- I can't believe you have a kid old enough to ride a 2 wheeler... wow. Looks like you guys are having a great time, love the video.