Friday, September 21, 2007

Garage Salin' Mamas!

Yesterday, Meghan called me and was telling me about some garage sales that had baby boy clothes and stuff. I told her to come on over and pick me up! Ed's mom was nice enough to watch Jaren for a bit so I could look around more easily.

I couldn't believe all of the sleepers and outfits that I found for Jaren. Most of them were 6 months - 9 months! Most things were 50 cents and I got some OUTFITS for $0.75 a piece! Some were $2, but they were BRAND NEW! Crazy! I was so excited! I bought a new wardrobe for him for the price of ONE outfit! LOVE IT!!! Meg found a Snuglee for him for 2 bucks! I had just asked to borrow hers before I bought one for Jaren, to see how he liked it!

Kael was in the back seat and all of a sudden Meg said, "Can you grab his bottle! The lid came off" I turned around quickly and and saw that he had milk ALL OVER him! He was soaked, but still happy!

For lunch I had taken Meg to a Bosnian Place and bought some Burek. It is a Bosnian pastry filled with sausage and man is it GOOD! My mom had brought me some about 2 months ago to try and it was delicious! Meg was surprised at how good it was! We were eating it in the car and some lady was driving over into our lane. Meg honked her horn and then said to me, " I DON'T WANNA DIE WITH SAUSAGE IN MY MOUTH!" Then she stuck a piece in her mouth and it was hanging out. I was dying laughing! We had such a fun day! We'll have to do it more often!

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