Monday, September 3, 2007


Today we traveled to the Kid's Kingdom in Waverly to celebrate our little friend Isaac's first birthday. He is the son of our really good friends, Mike and Mandy. (Who are wild and crazy like us! As you can tell from Mike's corny grin!) We have been friends with them for a little over two years now. I remember when we were all sitting in our living room and they told us the good news... that they were expecting! And now it's been a year since he joined their family! How time flies!

Mike was busy at his grill, "Prometheus", cooking up some hot dogs and hamburgers. YUM YUM... the food was mighty tasty... compliments to the chef!

Lots of family and friends came to celebrate this fun and memorable day with Isaac and his mom and dad! Oliver was talking to Isaac and wishing him a Happy Birthday. I think Ollie even kissed Isaac's hand! Is he a mob boss now or what?!

The kids all played at the playground and made some new friends. Eden met, Naomi, my friend, Shar's daughter, and Ollie played with Mandy's nephew, Conner. They were sword fighting with sticks, playing football, jumping on and off the big rock and running all around the playground together! They even hugged each other when Conner had to leave! How sweet!

It was so much fun watching him dig into his special cake! He was lovin' it! What a special day!

Mandy... if you are reading this, you need to start a blog! ;)

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