Saturday, September 22, 2007

Walk a Mile or 19,980 Steps in My Shoes!

Ed has been a walking maniac for the last few weeks! He just bought a pedometer and has been keeping track of how many steps he's taking.

When Ed gets home from work, we usually take a walk with the kids around town. Oliver and Eden often ride their bikes while we push Jaren in the stroller. I haven't been going lately because I think I have plantar faceitis in my left heel. I feel a sharp pain whenever I walk on it. Heck, even when I'm off my feet it still hurts, although not as bad! He also walks around the house alot to soothe Jaren every night.

I guess there is a competition at work to see who can get the most steps from September 10th through December 18th. Everyone should be getting in 10,000 steps a day. Tonight before he left for work he had 19,980 steps and he was going to walk to Roy's house which is a jaunt! The last few days he's racked up 15,104 steps as well as 26,406 steps!

I'm very proud of him, but I think he's crazy sometimes! The other day he walked 5 miles to work. It took him an hour and a half. His car was there from the night before (I picked him up at work to go to the dairy farm and I forgot to drop him off to pick his car up). He also walks around town alot... every which way but loose!

On most Sundays, we will drive home from church and walk to my mom's house which is 1/2 mile. Then around dinnertime we will walk to Ed's parent's house which is about 8 - 10 blocks away. After dinner, we walk back home... about 6 blocks away. It feels good to get some exercise in! And... it's nice to be with the family as well! The kids LOVE riding their bikes, let me tell ya!

Today Ed walked with Oliver to the Courthouse downtown which is SEVERAL blocks away. During their outing Oliver said that he saw a walking stick. I had seen one once while working at River Hills School. They certainly are a sight to behold!

Keep it up babe! I'm proud of you... you crazy walkin' fool!!!

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Krista said...

I know all about the walking thing. I used to walk to work in Provo from Springville and it would take me 2 hours.
Keep it up!