Monday, September 10, 2007

"You Need To Get a SKIN-less Cat"

Friday, September 7th - Sunday, September 9th

Jaren and I accompanied my mom to Davenport to visit some of our family. We stayed with my brother, Bryan in his apartment. It was fun to see all of Ollie and Eden's artwork and crafts all throughout his place!
We got there about 7:30 on Friday night and ate a late dinner at a Chinese & Korean place. Bry ordered some Mandarin Beef and he said it was the worst thing he's ever eaten in his life! I tried it and it was nothing but gristle... I almost ralphed all over the joint! Then my mom put a forkful of Kimchi in her mouth and my brother said, "I can't believe you just did that! It's pretty spicy!" As he was saying that, she was spitting it out into her napkin. I guess it is rotten cabbage with a little kick to it! Needless to say, I did not try any! I went with my usual, Sweet and Sour Chicken. You can't go wrong with that! I did try my mom's dish. She got a Korean beef dish called Bulgogi. It was ok. Nothing to write home about! Jaren fussed a bit, but then he dozed off for a while so I could finish eating. One of the ladies that worked there was just going gaga over him! She grabbed him from mom and held him. It was so funny. There's something about infants that just boggles my mind though... how the crap do they know to start fussing RIGHT WHEN your food comes! It never fails!

We also went to a Fish Fry and the Andalusia city wide garage sales. This was the main attraction for us. My aunt lives in Andalusia, Illinois and we went down for the special events. I had never seen her place and so we went out back first to see her yard and her flower garden. We walked outside and Bry saw a mouse head, you heard me right... just the bloody nub of a head of a mouse, on the porch. (They have 5 cats, which explains that one!) We all got a good laugh out of that!

The first sale we went to was an estate sale of a woman who owned a bookstore! I was thinking, "Ed should be here! He would be in hog heaven!" I found Anna Karenina and War and Peace, both by Leo Tolstoy which he had checked out from the library and started reading. I got about 25 books for a quarter a piece! I was excited to show Ed all of the books that I got for him! I also found some games for us, toys for the kids and clothes for Jaren! I LOVE GARAGE SALES! Why spend like 20 bucks on ONE outfit that your infant with spit up on and stain the first time he or she wears it, when you can pay 50 cents for an outfit that is almost brand spankin' new?!? It's not rocket science here people!!

Gram and Gramps Young came down on Saturday to spend the day with us as well! We all went to the fish fry at the park in town, but I just opted for a hot dog and a pop since I'm not much of a fish person!

We hung out at Mike and Sue's with Katie (my cousin) and grilled out for dinner. The flies were CRAZY! I had never seen so many trying to eat my dinner at once! We hung out and chatted for the rest of the evening. Bry, Sue and I were talking about how Ollie and Eden have hermit crabs as pets and how Ollie is allergic to cats and dogs. Sue and Mike have 5 cats and they were playing around. I love cats and said that I was sad that I could never have any because Ed and Ollie are both allergic to them. Bry said I could just get a hairless cat. Then someone slipped up and said a SKIN-less cat. We were laughing as mom came into the room and she joined in and said very seriously, "You need to get a SKIN-less cat." Bry, Sue and I just busted up laughing because she didn't realize what she had said. She kept saying SKIN-less and we just kept on dying laughing!

Later I had a hankerin' for some ice cream, so we went to the local ice cream shop and you could choose from about 25 different flavors of soft serve! I got pistachio nut which was a blast from the past. (In college there was a yummy place kitty-korner from my house and I ALWAYS got pistachio frozen yogurt!)

We were going to go to an Indian Pow Wow that night, but it was getting too late and we were all pretty beat! Jaren was being Mr. Fussy Pants again, but who wouldn't be when your schedule is messed with!? And... he was starting to get a stuffy nose and whatnot so he just wanted some lovin'!

We also went to Goodwill and found some good stuff! We were laughing because I thought, "How are we going to get all of this crap home!?" We already had the van pretty full when we came down with our luggage and all of Jaren's bulky stuff! I could picture the back end dragging on the highway with sparks shooting out the back!

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