Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Did you know that... ? (10 Random Facts About Me)

I was born breach? The doctor had to push my butt back in and then take my legs out one at a time.

I was chased by a camel during an outdoor concert at Clinton Riverboat Days? The petting zoo was too close to the speakers during the concert and the camel got loose and was running around the fair! Crazy times!

I've had gallbladder surgery, surgery to remove a ganglion cyst in my wrist and had my wisdom teeth out? I only had three wisdom teeth... I must not be as smart as other folk!

I'm afraid of tornadoes, spiders and childbirth? Childbirth I've gotten over, but I was sooooo scared of the unknown and the amount of pain I may be in. If I can do it... anyone can!!!

I've been in 4 wedding ceremonies other than my own? I was a flower girl in my Aunt Ann's wedding when I was in grade school. I was a pregnant bridesmatron in my friend Andrea Gibbs' wedding in 2002. I was a bridesmatron in my friend Meghan Gillespie's wedding ceremony in 2004. I was also a bridesmatron in my friend Meghan Horan's wedding in 2006.

I've found a cow tongue on a beach of the Mississippi River when I was camping in Bellevue, Iowa? Yeah... it was pretty nasty! Remember that Gramps!?

I got an A in my high school Pre-Calculus class? I was going to drop it after a week, but stuck with it! It was quite an accomplishment for me since I HATED math my earlier years.

I designed the jersey logo for my all girls hockey team my senior year of high school?

I passed out in front of my whole high school? I was in the bleachers during an assembly about drunk driving or something and I felt really dizzy and lightheaded. Some teachers came and sat by me and one of the principals quickly ran across the gym up to where I was sitting. Then the speaker said, "Is everything all right up there?" EVERYONE turned around and looked. Yeah... embarrassing! (A friend sitting next to me told me the story later on.)

I've had strep throat 7 times in one year, even in the summertime... and I STILL have my tonsils?


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