Sunday, September 23, 2007

Let's Party!

The kids were invited to Nicholas Heinz's 7th birthday party today! Oliver was in the same Kindergarten class with Nicholas last year. He's a very nice little man. Eden was invited as well, because she is in preschool with his younger sister, McKenzie, this year! The kids played on their new swingset and played some team games together! Then they had fun trying to be the first one to break the pinata!
Oliver taking his turn! The pinata was really difficult to break! They all kept trying to hit the back windshield. Finally, Brenda took a whack at it and the trunk of the car burst open and candy flew everywhere!
Bird's eye view of the candy chaos!

Eden and McKenzie
I got a kick out of this picture where Nicholas was trying to open the present with his teeth!

After presents and cake, the kids had fun playing together on the trampoline!
Hope you had a fun birthday, Nicholas!

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