Monday, September 3, 2007

Recent Crying Jags

About two weeks ago, Oliver had his six year check up at the doctor's office. He switched his inhaled Pulmicort via his nebulizer to Pulmicort via an inhaler. Lately we've been noticing that Oliver has been breaking down in tears. His teacher called us on Friday and said that he was crying in class because he was thinking about his pet crab, Hermie, who died about two months ago. Today he was crying, but he didn't know why. Come to find out, that in about one percent of patients on this drug, depression is a side effect. We are definitely calling our doctor tomorrow.

It just pains me to see my sweet little boy so sad! He has always been very sensitive. He's in touch with his feelings and the feelings of others. He's also very in tune with the spirit. He's always said prayers with depth and meaning. He really thinks about what he says and cares for people enough to remember to pray for them without being reminded to. He loves to say the prayers, whether for meals or morning or nighttime prayer. He also always remembers to stop and pray for the little things. He prays to find something that he's lost. He prays for other people's illnesses. He always has a prayer in his heart. He's such a sweet boy.

He had received a blessing tonight from Ed and his dad, and he was tearing up a little during it. Then he came over to me afterwards and curled up on my lap. I love to hold him and kiss the top of his head. At least he still lets me cuddle with him, even though he's six now!

We will definitely have to review his meds and diet and keep an eye on his asthma symptoms. Please pray for us to find a suitable medication and for relief of his symptoms. I think he's outgrown some of his food allergies, like eggs and possibly wheat. I'm still not sure about the wheat allergy because it still may come through in his skin (eczema) or his breathing (asthma). He's still allergic to milk, peanuts and treenuts. I think he also has hayfever as well. I need to make another appointment to see an allergist, but I will NEVER do the pin prick test again! What a nightmare! But, that's another story!

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