Friday, October 5, 2007

Kiddy Comments

"We need to have a 'Rocky' party, Mom!" ~ Eden, when I told her to go pick out a movie. The kids LOVE the Rocky movies for some reason!

"Ollie, make me magic breath!" ~ Eden, asking Oliver to blow on the dice for good luck while playing Yahtzee.

"Oooooooh... mermaids! I'm in love!" ~ Eden, when she saw her Little Mermaid bedsheet that I used to change her sheets.

Ed tooted at the dinner table and I said, "Daddy! That's bad manners!"
"I know what we can do..." I said. Immediately Eden said, "Have a new father!" (She cut me off before I said we should have a "Manners Dinner" to learn Good and Bad manners.)

"I'm Grandma George!" said Eden, while pulling up her sweatpants up over her belly, hunching over and clomping around the dining room doing a little jig! I had a video of her and Ollie dancing, but I accidentally erased it!

Eden as "Grandma George"

Ollie as "Grandpa George"

Eden and Oliver being crazy!

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