Friday, October 5, 2007

Where Would I Be Without Friends?

In answer to that question... probably still on the toilet. Okay... yesterday two friends helped me out TREMENDOUSLY! After a 15 minute walk with Jaren around the "Hood", I walked into the house and immediately felt really hot and flushed and started sweating profusely from my face! (This was about 40 minutes before I had to pick up Eden from preschool.) I had to rush to the bathroom because I was about to crap my pants... My stomach was in painful knots and I felt like I was going to puke or pass out! I tryed calling my brother, Chad, to see if he could pick up Eden from school, because I felt HORRIBLE! I then called Krista to see if she could do it for me since she lives about a block from the school. She agreed to and I was SO THANKFUL! So, Jaren is screaming, I'm on the toilet in horrible pain... and this goes on for about 15 minutes. So, I think I'm done, but no... the sudden rush comes again... this time I'm holding Jaren as well... still sweating profusely and in pain. Not happiness people!!!

I call my friend, Meghan, and ask her if she was feeling the same way I was because she was a little loose as well. I think hers was from some food she and her hubby ate. Anyways, she asked if she could watch Jaren for me and at first I said no, but later agreed to let her take him! VERY THANKFUL yet again! It's hard for me to accept or ask for help... even though I have great friends who would help in a heartbeat! So, she came and picked him up so I could rest while Eden watched a movie in the living room when she got home.

I received a call from Krista and she said, "I don't want to freak you out, but I can't find Eden!" I was like... what?! Then she said that she was in the office and couldn't find the room Eden was in. Then she said... Castle Hill (where she went LAST year)! I had forgotten to tell her that she was at Edison's preschool. I know I've told her before, but she said that she forgot it was a new year and just remembered Eden going to Castle Hill. I felt horrible. So, she went and got Eden for me and brought her home. I was able to rest for several hours before Ollie got home. So, thank you Krista for picking up Eden for me otherwise I would have pooped in the van. Thank you Meghan for taking Jaren for the afternoon so I could rest in peace. Well... yes... in peace. :) THANK YOU MY DEAR FRIENDS... THANK YOU!!!

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Krista said...

Okay, stop it. You made me cry twice. And you are so welcome. You have been there for mr when I neede help to. This is what the Lord intended life to be I think. A crazy mess of poop, stress and heartache, but also the support and love of friends to help us get through.So thank you!